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Dimensions of Different Types Copper tube

There are many types of copper tube, Belowing is a table about differenct copper tube's dimensions and weights, the datas could be found in standards ASTM B88 & ASTM B306.

Dimensions and Weights of Types K, L, M and DWV Tube

Types K, L, M, DWV, and Medical Gas Copper tube

Copper tubes of these types has a actual outside diameters that 1/8" larger than the norminal sizes. For example, 1/4 inches type L tube's actual O.D. (outside diameters) is 3/8 inches.

This sounds strange, people commonly call the copper tube by norminal sizes, if you are design piping system, be careful to choose the right tubes.

Same szie type K, L, M and DWV copper tubes have different thickness, according to alphabetic order, type K copper tube is the thickest and type M copper tube is the thinnest. Type DWV copper tube is even thinner than type M.

Type ACR, G/GAS Copper Tube

Copper tubes of these types' actual outside diameters is equal to norminal outside diameters. For example, 1/2 inches Type ACR copper tube's actual outside diameters is 1/2 inches.



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