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The way to tell the quality of copper tubes used in cold storage construction.


In 2017, the shortage of refined copper in the world was 163,000 tons.

Zambia's senior Ministry of Mines officials said on Tuesday that Zambia expects copper production this year to exceed 1 million tons, as a steady and steady supply of electricity will help copper production.


This is a practical weapon that has undergone reigns. The sword is extremely long, and the gap left by the blade indicates that it was not a decoration. Recently, a new discovery has been made at an archeological site in the southern part of Airport New City. When a copper sword and a well-preserved wine more than 2,000 years ago appeared in front of the archeological team, the Qin Dynasty horse seems to reappear.


Biding from 2018 March 14 to 2018 March 29

2018/03/16, COMEX copper fell for a second consecutive day on Friday. The market is concerned that protectionist policies have dragged down the pace of global economic growth, thereby curbing the demand for industrial products; the rising dollar also poses pressure.

Global copper mining behemoth Antofagasta released its fourth-quarter and full-year results for 2017 on Tuesday. The mining company announced it was raising its dividend to 40.6 cents from 15.3 cents and reported a pre-tax profit of $1.83 billion. Here are some remarks from the company's earnings report.

Columbia Barranquilla International Building Materials Exhibition

Exhibition Introduction

Copper is widely used in electrical, light industry, machine building, construction, defense  and many other industries. I am sure Peru Lima International Building Materials Exhibition will meet your demand. 

Scrap copper or waste scrap copper is classified into new scrap copper and old scrap copper according to its source. The new scrap copper refers to the waste generated during the copper industry production process; the old scrap copper refers to the scrap copper recovered from the waste products, such as copper wires recovered from old cables, home appliances, and motors, and copper pipes for construction use.

 In January 2018, the company expects the Cadia mine will produce approximately 70,000 tons of copper in 2018.

Fast check theoretical weight for copper tubes

Compressors, radiators, and automatic control systems are the main components for Air-conditioning. Copper tubes in radiators are recognized as "blood vessels" of air conditioners. The quality of "blood vessels" directly determines the quality of air-conditioning.


Copper pipe is widely used in water industry, Aquatech China is a professional trade fair to allow you meet Chinese water technology industry.

Copper tube has been widely used to plumbing in homes for more than decades, because it is low cost and easy to source. However, due to the specific water chemistry of an area, the copper piping may have problem of corrosion, which can lead to pinhole leaks and contaminated water.

For the past 35 years or so, storage cisterns have been made of plastic materials, but some very old galvanized cisterns can still be found. Where this is the case, it may be worth considering a replacement as it might have exceeded its expected lifespan.

The governments of Chile and Ecuador have agreed to continue working together to develop a major copper deposit in the latter country.

The project is a joint venture between Ecuador's state-owned mining firm ENAMI EP and Chile's state-owned copper producer Codelco.

This article explains how the water supply arrives in your home, different types of water supply, cold water storage, WC systems and how water leaves the property.

Copper is widely used in electrical, light industry, machine building, construction, defense  and many other industries.  Take Chinese non-ferrous metal market for example, consumption of copper is second largest (only less than aluminum).